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"Zero Accident" policy is both a goal and an achievement at NCC. The company implements its comprehensive Health Safety and Environment (HSE) policy to protect all employees and associates working at NCC offices, construction sites and related facilities. It includes protection from every kind of pollution, hazard and accident that may result from its business.

NCC will always have a comprehensive HSE training program to increase awareness of safety, to teach safer working practices and to promote environmental adherence. In the NCC Quality and HSE Manual all the roles and responsibilities of the individuals in the organization are clearly defined to promote a positive HSE culture.

Auditing and reviewing provide considerable improvements on the HSE corrective actions by managing the risks through lessons learned by past experiences. Internal and external audits are continually performed.

Our Core Principles

  • Not to compromise general and professional ethics.
  • Always to adopt a constructive attitude towards our clients, customers and partners, beyond the mere fulfillment of our contractual duties.
  • To be receptive to innovations, to implement state of the art technologies and always to seek the better.
  • To be sensitive and cautious in matters of work safety and environmental protection.
  • To train our young employees in accordance with our culture to be creative, industrious and honest and to take care that our employees work as individuals who are self confident, communicative, ready to exercise powers vested in them and to assume responsibility.

Quality – ISO 9001:2008

NCC being a certified Organization for ISO 9001:2008 Quality standards comply and implement the regulations on all of its activities. Project Quality Plan for each project which predicts the quality procedures of the project in which the project will be executed to its perfection. Quality is one our motto in all operations in which we are assuring to the clients and customers. We have qualified QC personnel who execute the job with complying to these standard. Our standard operating procedures for all the activities are revised regularly by our MR and Management to give 100% output in our product and processes.

Health Safety – OHSAS 18001:2007

NCC being a certified organization for OHSAS 18001:2007 Health Safety standards comply and implement the regulations, Code of practice, Mechanism in health safety on all of its activities. Site Specific HSE plan for each project are prepared by our HSE personnel and which make everyone feel comfortable about the working under a safe shadow.

Health safety comprises and covers the entire organization bringing controlled in-line with the standards. All our project sites are equipped with adequate resources on health safety and reviewed monthly about the welfare of the employees, improvements in matter of health safety.

Environment – ISO 14001:2004

NCC being a certified organization for ISO 14001:2004 Environmental standards comply and implement the regulations, Code of practice, Mechanism in Environment on all of its activities. Site Specific HSE plan for each project are prepared by our HSE personnel and which we concentrate on eliminate environmental pollution in our organization activities.

We are certified / received NOC from CWM - Centre of Waste Management Abu Dhabi and site visits are made by our project team with the HSE In-charge periodically to avoid residues of hazardous waste and environmental spills. We are providing Hazardous and Non-Hazardous waste removal skips for all our projects.

IMS - Integrated Management System

This IMS which consists of Integrated System Manual (ISM 0.0 – 0.00000, ISM 1-8), ISM Annexure 1&2, Integrated Procedure (IP 101-108), Quality System procedures (QSP 03- 20) which will come under the clause of ISO 9001:2008 shall fall under OHSAS and ISO 14001, Environmental Health Control procedures (EHCP – QC, PROJ, PUR) and Environmental Health procedures (EHP), Work Instructions (WI) and Standard operating procedures (SOP) etc. Each year revisions are made in the (IP) procedures and the (ISM) manuals which are revised by the Management Representative (MR) and approved by the Top Management of the Organization which makes the implementation most effective.